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The diligent pupil of Anglo-American School! style.fashion.glamour.vouge.going out.hott ass.sex.kisses.nice funny people.PE.football.family.my dog.friends.my iphone 3G.my ipod.lip gloss.eating yummy stuff.black.pink.gold.sk8boarding.snowboarding.tennis.spain.paris.beach.ocean.big sunglasses.sandals.leopard.chocolate.lava lamps.dolce&gabbana.ralf lauren.shopping.zara.kira plastinina.night life.louis vuitton.armani.calvin klein.chanel.dior.ferre.gucci.moschino.prada.versace.burberry.strawberry.coffe.kolyan.ice cream.sweets.hookah.smoke.lips.love.myself)) I'm so hot, that everyone loves me! I'm different, that everyone lose a speech when see me! I love money, but I don't love to rush them! The best resorts I will prefer to friends!I study on another's errors, but it is not present advantage! Lost my mind from bags and a shoes...then I buy the pleasant! I'm sexy, that everyone want me! My character is difficult for understanding, because I am original! In my head many different thoughts on how to spend night... In club or on romantic walk with the boyfriend? Judge me or not, but I such what I am! Love me and in exchange I will love you!

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